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You are divine. Allow the divine to express itself through you!

Austin Shook

Sound healing is the primary modality of my healing art, and music runs through my blood. I am also a Reiki master and energy work is a passion!



My name is Austin Shook and I have actively been practicing sound healing since 2016. Music runs through my blood and a large part of my work is doing my own internal work. I consider this path of sound healing, one that has been unfolding my entire life.

I consider myself a very blessed individual because I was born into a family that raised me with complete unconditional love. They have always directed me towards expressing…and have always shown me how to live authentically by example. I have dedicated my life to offering this same support in any way I can to as many as I can, and most of the time, this is done through being my authentic self.

Sound healing is the primary modality of my healing art. Sound is one of the most effective mediums when it comes to healing in my understanding, experience, and belief because everything in this reality beyond a cellular level is vibration.

I am also a Reiki master and energy work is a passion! This is one of my favorite modalities because you can take a deep dive into your being if you allow yourself to. When I practice energy work, I open my body as a channel for source love to pour through me. The love goes where it needs to go and the restoration process begins.

Crystals are a big part of my life as well. I collect stones that range from rough and tumbled stones to museum grade specimen. These crystals are special to me because they hold a very similar space as us; they are so intricate in structure, have many facets and angles to look from, each one is completely unique, and they all grow without fail.

“Crystals certainly have energy to them” – This claim is something that is arguable on many levels. Through my experience, what I have learned is that the energy or “power” that a crystal carries is simply your own power that you are giving it. The crystals are simply tools to remind of us of our own inner power. Not to mention they are incredibly beautiful and it puts me in a state of awe every time I contemplate how these masterpieces were created through our Earth.

Instruments that Austin uses

Crystal Singing Bowls
Paiste symphonic gong

Native American flutes

Hand Pan