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You are divine. Allow the divine to express itself through you!

Austin Shook

Sound healing is the primary modality of my healing art, and music runs deep in my blood. 



Austin Shook is based in Charlotte, NC and has actively been practicing sound healing full time since 2016. Most of Austin’s understanding of sound has been gained from sitting with his instruments and building a relationship with them (other than the handful of sound healers that Austin has learned several techniques from). The more time spent with these unique tools, the more they reveal to him. Music runs through his blood and sharing sound healing starts with his own internal work. Austin considers this path of sound healing, one that has been and will continue to unfold throughout his entire life.

Austin’s approach to sound healing involves using a variety of instruments, including crystal singing bowls, gongs, drums, tuning forks, vocals, and more to help individuals connect with their true essence and to promote relaxation and healing on all levels. Austin’s set up is truly one of a kind with over 14 different instruments (25 instrument altogether) and his collection continues to grow! 

Austin has enjoyed engaging and building meaningful connections with diverse communities, facilitating transformative auditory experiences for individuals through the practice of sound healing, and throughout his time as a sound healer, he has shared the power and medicine of sound in countless yoga studios, hospitals, churches, nursing homes, parks, festivals, and more in 40 states. Austin released his first sound healing recording at the end of April 2023 titled “Heart Songs”.

In addition to his sound healing and musical endeavors, Austin is also an event organizer and puts a lot of his heart and soul into curating events that encourage people to lean into their own healing and that plant seeds of inspiration in the community. These other larger events consist of Feel Good Fest, The healing Heart Experience, and Master Sound. 

He is passionate about helping others find inner peace and balance through the haling power of sound, energy, presence and love.


Instruments that Austin usesl

9 Crystal Singing Bowls
32″ Paiste symphonic gong

44″ wind gong  
28″ Native grandmother drum

Ocean Drum

Native American flutes and drone flutes (B,D,F#,AND G)


Tuning Forks


Axiom Hand Pan (C# Celtic)



10 minute rainstick