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You are divine. Allow the divine to express itself through you!

You are divine.

Allow the divine to express itself through you!


Sound Healing

An experience that surpasses words. That brings with it truths that can only be received through experience. A deep retreat into your being which sets the tone for deep relaxation and soul work to be accomplished with ease and grace.

This is a mystic and spiritual experience of interwoven sounds that brings with it truths from the deep mysteries of life itself.

Each sound healing can affect every person differently depending on many things – especially your openness and level of receptivity.

Quick Exercise

  • Take 5 deep breaths (in the nose and out of the mouth)
  • Make these breaths long and slow, and match the length of your exhale to the length of your inhale

  • While you are doing this, allow your focus to be fully on your breath by noticing all of the intricacies of it.
  • Notice the temperature of your breath
  • Notice whether the air flows more easily through one nostril than through the other
  • Notice the feeling on your nostrils as the breath passes through them (there is nothing that you need to do with this information, just be a witness to it)

    When you finish, keep your eyes closed, relax your body, and notice how you feel. If done correctly, you should feel a sense of stillness, silence, and/or peace in your mind and body. This is a taste of what you may feel like after a sound healing.


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What is Alignment?

Alignment is health
Alignment is freedom
Alignment is peace

Alignment is love
Alignment is joy

Alignment is creative
Alignment is connection

Alignment was originally established to share the power and medicine of sound with as many people as possible. 

Along with this, we have grown to find more ways of supporting people in their journey of healing, letting go, and becoming the most authentic version of themselves. We do this through organizing festivals (transformational gatherings), retreats, and other healing events.

What is there to Align?

Alignment works with the chakra system. There are 7 primary chakras (wheels of light) in the body. Each chakra governs a different aspect of our emotional being. Every experience that Alignment creates, it is our goal to encourage people to dig deep within themselves to let go of what no longer serves them and to find what does and who supports them in their process. When there is an “imbalance” or blockage”, life force energy gets stuck or becomes stagnant. Stuck or stagnant energy keeps life force from moving freely through the body. This creates the perfect environment for dis-ease to set in. If we keep these wheels of light open, free, and moving, there is no dis-ease in the body and the mind is healthy and in balance.

As a healer, Austin feels that it’s important to carry the knowing that he is not actually healing anyone.

The instruments that Austin plays, as well as the retreats and events that Alignment puts together all hold a space and create a container for you to heal yourself and/or for you to get out of your own way and allow Source to assist you in the process.

Crown – Connection to source
Third Eye – Seeing Truth/Intuition
Throat – Communication
Heart – Self love / Love / Unconditional love
Solar Plexus – Will power
Sacral – Sexual / Creative energies
Root – Groundedness / health / safety


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